Quick trailer I put together for Ben Swinden’s (aka Fisher) awesome new game Wolves of the Wastes. Music by Bright Primate.

imitone: Mind to Melody


Helped Mr. Evan Balster of Soundself and Infinite Blank fame make a video for his new project: Imitone.  It converts live singing or instrumental notes into MIDI.

NEW TRAILER!  Join the space marines and fight massive hordes of aliens in Infested Planet!  Get it on Steam!

Game by Rocket Bear Games - rocketbeargames.com
Trailer by Marlon Wiebe - mwiebe.com
Audio by Power Up Audio - powerupaudio.com

The Halifaxmachine is lookin’ awesome! Good work Ryan Kelly, Ben Swinden, and Allan Lavell!

Finished the marquee for the Halifaxmachine last night.  I’d say it’s lookin’ pretty boss. :)

Trailer I made for FTL: Advanced Edition.  The free update to the popular space exploration game.

Code by Subset Games - ftlgame.com
Art by Benjamin Sawyer - benbrush.com
Music by Ben Prunty - benprunty.com

Found this old timelapse of a part of how I animated Robot Adventures in Outer Space.  Fun to remember how much work went into this short! :)  Art is by fellow classmate David Macri.

Music is “Bouncing” by Multifaros - https://soundcloud.com/multifaros

Another T-Shirt design I did for PegJam v3

A T-Shirt design I made for Winnipeg’s version of TIGJam.